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But, Chloe, what are VIP Days?

You pick a project, and I will get it done.

A VIP Day is a full or half-day when I focus on you and your needs so you can focus on what really matters most when it comes to your business.


You'll be amazed at how much we can accomplish in one day (or less)!

What can I  (Chloe) do during your VIP Day?

I can do a lot; however I am not a magician. VIP Days are meant for you to book my services and for me to complete all projects and tasks in the time frame you have chosen. 

Some examples would be: email clean up, social media graphic creation, writing social media posts, and set up accounts and automations for websites like Dubsado, Trello, or HoneyBook.

How do I (you) prepare for a VIP Day?

We will have a meeting about what you need completed and how I can help you. We will then schedule a day for me to focus 100% of my attention on you.

Once we finish our meeting, any and all materials that are required to complete the project MUST be sent to me 3 days before the VIP Day. This will save us time once the VIP Day starts, and we'll be able to dive right in. 


Full Day (8 hours) for $350

Half Day (4 hours) for $175

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