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"Chloe is the calm in the storm of busy schedules and e-mail inboxes. She takes good care of me and my business and helps with various projects. This frees me up to work on other things, like serving my clients."
"Because I found myself not having enough time to review all of my business emails, Chloe was able to organize my emails according to categories. That made all of the difference that I needed. She is very professional and reasonably priced. I plan on using Chloe in the future when the needs arise."
"I highly recommend Chloe for any of your financial needs. She came into a complete mess left by my previous bookkeeper and had it all straightened in a timely manner. Now my bills are always paid on time and my books are nice and organized."
Working with Chloe for a few months is a great relief. As a business owner, last year, I would say to myself, "I plan to..." but the business kept growing, and the value of time increased.
I recommend Chloe to any business owner; as the old saying goes, "business owners should do their business doing what they love and outsource the administrative." I can honestly say that without Chloe I could have slipped from my core values of "Service" by keeping my clients in the know.
If I was too busy to update everyone, then it would no longer be a core value of service to my clients.Thank you, Chloe, for helping me hold a pillar of my business foundation. Now AF COM ACCOUNTING can truly serve its clients by keeping them up to date with tax changes.
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