You don't have to do it all on your own


Why We Do, What We Do

I'm here to support you in running your business. 

I want you to be able to spend less time doing administrative tasks and more time on the aspects of your business that give to the most joy. 

If this sounds like something that would help
YOU run YOUR business better, let's talk!
Less Stress

Want to get back to your favorite activity? Maybe that hobby you've been put off?

Get Your Time Back

Tired of overwhelm and burnout? Want to feel lighter than you have in years?

Increase Output 

Too much on your to-do list, or are items getting left on the back burner?


Hi, I'm Chloe!

Proactive | Responsive | Dependable

Let me tell you a story.


When I was eight years old, I was given an award for "most spirited” in basketball. It wasn't for my actual sporting ability — it was for cartwheeling up and down the basketball court instead of actually playing. I mean, what better way to show your teammate's support?


So, for as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed helping and pushing others to succeed. I had a great time cheering them on from the sidelines for the rest of the season (so as to not distract them with my minimal gymnastic abilities).


Fast forward to graduating high school and college, working various jobs and positions - I was at a crossroads when I sat down with a career coach to chart my next steps. One theme kept coming up; I enjoy supporting others and helping them succeed and reach their goals.


Virtual Assisting combines everything I love into a single career: organizing, numbers, and tedious tasks.


From admin tasks, email marketing, and bookkeeping, I want to support you in running your business. I want you to be able to make smart business decisions with accurate reports and schedules that are easy for everyone involved. Most importantly? Give yourself some time back so you can focus on what matters most!

"Chloe is the calm in the storm of busy schedules and e-mail inboxes. She takes good care of me and my business, and helps with various projects. This frees me up to work on other things, like serving my clients."


Admin Tasks

Email & Calendar Management

Sort, create filters, reply on your behalf, and notify you of urgent and time-sensitive items


Includes research, creating a powerpoint, creating a mailing list, or anything that would take you away from your main goals


Workflow Creation & Management

Eliminating repetition, and automating processes for more efficient work output



As a Certified ProAdvisor, I can get you started and working in QuickBooks Online

Email Marketing

Want to reach more of your clients or customers? I can help implement and manage your email marketing so you don't have to!

Social Media

Creating a posting schedule so you are always relevant and fresh in your customers mind



Below are our most popular packages, however, a la carte services are also available.

Please inquire for more information on how we can work together to reach your goals!


Bookkeeping Support

  • 10 or 20 Hours Packages

  • Weekly Check-Ins

  • AP/AR Maintenance

  • Banking 

  • Reports

Young Businesswomen

Declutter & Organize

  • 40 Hours

  • Email Organization

  • File Organization

  • Workflow Creation

  • Calendar Synchronization


Bookkeeping Clean-Up

  • 40 Hours

  • Reconciliation

  • AR Follow-Up

  • AP Follow-Up

  • Workflow Creation